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Who is a Leader?

  The leader is a person who can take his followers to success. The Leader of a country should lead the country to the success of most of the citizens, if not all of the citizens.  Leading a few individuals … Continue reading

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Eliminating the Poor

“The poor will always be with you,” said Jesus.  Probably he was not able to see beyond two thousand years.  The poor are being eliminated in the proverbial Darwinian struggle for existence. The Planning Commission of India told the Supreme … Continue reading

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Who is afraid of Anna Hazare?

  Why is the Congress government afraid of Anna Hazare?  Why did it choose to put him behind the bars as if he were a criminal?  Isn’t this a case of the real criminals putting the whistle-blower behind the bars? … Continue reading

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School for Caterpillars

  “Once you learn to fly, you will never consent to creep,” said Wilb, the wise little butterfly.  He was speaking to his students, the caterpillars.  The caterpillars were usually reluctant to undergo the mandatory Samadhi that they had to … Continue reading

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