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The Dark Drama in Karnataka

                    Finally Yeddyurappa fell.  The man who had started off as a ‘popular leader’ became the most disgraceful liability for his party, the BJP.  During the 38 months in which Yeddyurappa … Continue reading

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Kageri should educate himself first

  Ever since the BJP came to power in Karnataka, the state was dragged more and more into the quagmire of corruption, controversies, attacks on minority communities, land mafia, and so on.  Now comes Mr Kageri with a new religious … Continue reading

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The Hollowness of Hindutva

  It was always evident that Hindutva is not an ideology.  The simple reason is that it was based on hatred; hatred of Muslims, Christians, and the whole world that didn’t fit in the ‘emotive’ structure defined by whoever considers … Continue reading

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Where immoral is legal

BJP’s Karnataka: Where immoral is legal The president of Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP], Nitin Gadkari, has decreed that the Karnataka Chief Minister’s act of allotting land to his sons and other family members is immoral but not illegal.  The party, … Continue reading

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Media, Politics and other lies

  I picked up two magazines during my last visit to the newsstand: Outlook [Anniversary Special] and Frontline [of which I never miss an issue].  While Outlook elaborates on the degeneration that has gripped the Indian media like a cancer, … Continue reading

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