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Planning for whom?

  The latest issue of the Frontline features on its cover the Approach Paper to the Twelfth Five Year Plan.   [The title of this blog is borrowed from the Frontline]. The articles in the magazine show how the Approach Paper … Continue reading

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Gujarat Model of Development

  The ‘development’ that the state of Gujarat achieved under the ‘charismatic’ leadership of Narendra Modi has been acclaimed by quite many people in India.  People like the Ambanis and Ratan Tata did one better than another in praising Mr … Continue reading

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India’s robber barons

  [Cartoon by Keshav, The Hindu, 6 Dec] The month of November revealed too many ugly faces of Indian democracy.  Close on the heels of the Commonwealth scandal came other scams of similar magnitude from Bangalore and Mumbai, and the … Continue reading

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Slums in Capitalist Utopia

One out of every two Mumbaikars is a slum dweller, according to the latest report of a research carried out jointly by the Brihanmumbai (Greater Mumbai) Municipal Corporation and the UNO.  Mumbai (Bombay) is the financial capital of India.  50 … Continue reading

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Needed an Alternative to Capitalism

  Socialism was tried in many countries in various forms and found to fail.  It failed more because of the assaults it could not withstand from capitalism than because of its conceptual non-sustainability.  Socialism is more broad-based in outlook than … Continue reading

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