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The Problem with Wealth

“All money is essentially about trust, and once this trust is shaken there are repercussions.”  Can you guess who said it? You won’t, in all probability.  That’s from an article written by Jayati Ghosh in the latest issue of the … Continue reading

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The Economic Tunnel

  And this is the joke. There are three men on a train. One of them is an economist and one of them is a logician and one of them is a mathematician.  And they have just crossed the border … Continue reading

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On Fleeting Time and a Simple Folly

  The old washing machine retired after serving us for about ten years.  When the new machine was installed I remarked jokingly to my co-traveller, “I’ll retire before this machine retires.” I assumed, of course, that the lifespan of a … Continue reading

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Independent, are we?

  When the country became independent in the midnight of August 14, 1947, the Father of the Nation was on a fast.  The Mahatma had looked forward to an India whose people would be liberated not just from political bondages … Continue reading

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Per Capita Income & Some Questions

  The per capita income (pci) of India has risen by 6% from the last financial year.  It now stands at Rs 46492.  That means every one of the 1.17 billion Indians (man, woman, child) earns about Rs 3900 a … Continue reading

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Beyond Capitalism

  All of us want a system that ensures the happiness of the majority, I suppose.  But the supposition is wrong.  We live in a world where a few people are amassing the wealth of the earth for themselves and … Continue reading

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Manipulation – a sermon

  “Dagny, there’s nothing of any importance in life – except how well you do your work.  Nothing.  Only that.  Whatever else you are, will come from that.  It’s the only measure of human value.  All the codes of ethics … Continue reading

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