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Dear Prophet

Dear Prophet: A woman’s story by Ali Ansari is more a treatise on religion than a novel.  The story (if there indeed is any story) is narrated in first person by Zarina who is faced with the meaninglessness of life … Continue reading

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The Tribal Mentality in Islam

And they are at it again.  Delhi was attacked today, 7 September.  Apparently in the name of Afzal Guru.  Or, is it a prelude to the many attacks we should expect on the tenth anniversary of 11 Sep 2001? Every … Continue reading

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Mumbai Again – a plea for humanity

From the beginning of the human civilisation, the hard-working and prosperous people have been held to ransom by criminals and laggards.  It is impossible to view the terrorist attacks on Mumbai as motivated by any religious principles.  [Otherwise the meaning … Continue reading

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We need salvation from certain kind of Religion

  The phone rang just as I finished my breakfast.  It was my sister calling from Kerala.  “Do you remember that professor who got into a controversy with a question he had set for an exam on Muslims?” asked my … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Vision for the World

  Both the content and the tone of President Obama’s speech at the Cairo University differ distinctively from his predecessor’s similar exercises.   George W Bush spoke and behaved as the lord of the world.  His belligerence bred more hatred and … Continue reading

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