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Open University Jokes

There’s only one course of studies that I pursued out of my own interest: literature.  All the rest were either imposed on me by someone or pursued by me out of fancy.  At the age of 51 I decided to … Continue reading

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Happy Teacher’s Day

  Life is interesting.  Even as a teacher in a private school.  A few weeks back a young man came to my residence.  He bent down as if to touch my feet. I understood that he was one of my … Continue reading

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School for Caterpillars

  “Once you learn to fly, you will never consent to creep,” said Wilb, the wise little butterfly.  He was speaking to his students, the caterpillars.  The caterpillars were usually reluctant to undergo the mandatory Samadhi that they had to … Continue reading

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Travails of a Teacher

I used to enjoy my job.  My job is teaching.  I have been doing it for more than quarter of a century with a lot of excitement.  I normally walked into each classroom with a broad smile because I loved … Continue reading

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Captive education

  “Who was your favourite teacher at school?” asked Maggie as soon as she came home after attending a workshop on innovative teaching conducted by an organisation whose books and methodology of teaching are going to be introduced in her … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligences

  Howard Gardner took intelligence out of the classroom and the IQ tests.  He argues that the IQ tests mostly assess a person’s logical-mathematical intelligence, whereas the person may be exquisitely intelligent in many other dimensions such as sports, dance, … Continue reading

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