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Gods and Other Particles

  I am a nondescript, microbial (add any other adjective you like to accentuate my diminutiveness) particle in the universe.  There are many God particles around me.  They gather all the “mass” around them.  They gather wealth, power, good accommodation, … Continue reading

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A Dream and a little more

  An ideal human society is an impossibility.  Paraphrasing the Bible, one may say that wherever three or four persons are gathered there will be ‘politics’; that is, promotion of self-interests at the cost of others’ welfare. I’ve come across … Continue reading

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Need, Want, Greed

  A relative of mine opened a shop a few years ago.  In fact, he shut down his jewellery and opened a bakery.  He shut down the jewellery for two reasons as far as I understand: (1) it was quite … Continue reading

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Expertise – an anecdote

  When you are making a mess of your life, the other people generously assist you to make it undoubtedly a mess.  They don’t always do it out of malice.  In fact, at least a few of them genuinely want … Continue reading

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Empowerment of Women

My school organises a cross-country race every year.  The students run about 8 km.  As a teacher, my duty invariably is in the village through which a part of the route runs.    Here is a photo I took while … Continue reading

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Destiny – who shapes it?

  God serves an immense variety of functions in people’s life.   For many, God is an answer to all mysteries.  God can be a pain-killer, a co-sufferer, a counsellor, and so on.  God is also effectively used as a justification … Continue reading

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On Fleeting Time and a Simple Folly

  The old washing machine retired after serving us for about ten years.  When the new machine was installed I remarked jokingly to my co-traveller, “I’ll retire before this machine retires.” I assumed, of course, that the lifespan of a … Continue reading

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