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Destiny – who shapes it?

  God serves an immense variety of functions in people’s life.   For many, God is an answer to all mysteries.  God can be a pain-killer, a co-sufferer, a counsellor, and so on.  God is also effectively used as a justification … Continue reading

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Manipulation in Organisations

Manipulative politics in day-to-day life is highly detestable.  It is people with inferior intellects and undeveloped hearts that resort to such tactics.  The honest people who are committed to their job do not resort to manipulative politics.  The intelligent people … Continue reading

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Manipulation – a sermon

  “Dagny, there’s nothing of any importance in life – except how well you do your work.  Nothing.  Only that.  Whatever else you are, will come from that.  It’s the only measure of human value.  All the codes of ethics … Continue reading

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Who is Sane?

Who is Sane? “Man is born free, but he is in chains everywhere,” said Rousseau. No life would illustrate this better than that of James Tilly Matthews who spent most of his adult life in a lunatic asylum accused of insanity. Continue reading

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