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RTE and the 25 Percent Quota

  The Government of India (GOI) wants 25 percent of seats in every school to be reserved for students from the Economically Weak Sections (EWS).  Will the schools actually practise such generosity?  Can they afford to do it? In Delhi … Continue reading

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India’s Fire Missile

Ok, I too feel proud about India’s successful launching of the Agni-V.  Yeah, it can hit targets all over China, let alone our perpetual enemy, Pakistan.  Why only China and Pakistan, the Agni-V can hit any target in the whole … Continue reading

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The Poor and US

  “The  poor will always be with you,” said Jesus.  About 2000 years ago.  Was he advocating a caste system?  I don’t think so, given his philosophy as far as that is clear enough from the unearthed documents about him.  … Continue reading

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