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Paradigm Change in Indian Politics

  “The ideas by which a ruling group maintains its power must be suited to the intellectual climate of the given epoch,” says Barrows Dunham in his eminently thought-provoking and erudite book, Man Against Myth. The Anna Hazare phenomenon that … Continue reading

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No one Killed Jessica

  The movie, No one Killed Jessica, would have been a disaster at the box office had it not been based on a real event.  The plot has no realism, the characters are totally unconvincing, and the story does not … Continue reading

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Media, Politics and other lies

  I picked up two magazines during my last visit to the newsstand: Outlook [Anniversary Special] and Frontline [of which I never miss an issue].  While Outlook elaborates on the degeneration that has gripped the Indian media like a cancer, … Continue reading

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