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Salt of the Earth

  Aldous Huxley said paraphrasing Jesus, “… if those who are the salt of the earth lose their savour, there is nothing to keep that earth disinfected, nothing to prevent it from falling into complete decay.”  Huxley was not speaking … Continue reading

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Rise above systems

  Please answer the following questions ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Are you open to experience?  That is, if a new and possibly strange experience comes along, instead of getting frightened or depressed or awful… do you try to learn a lesson … Continue reading

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Quick Fix Solutions

  There is a relatively new kind of therapy in psychology called Solution-Focused Brief Therapy [SFBT].  It was initiated in the late 1970s.  Gerald Corey rightly lists it among Postmodern approaches in psychological counselling.  Postmodern is a term that can … Continue reading

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The Body

  It was while studying Gender Identity Disorder [GID] that I came across in a psychology book the concept of the human body as an expression of a culture.  My Christian upbringing had taught me in my childhood that the … Continue reading

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Gospel of one’s own heart

    Jim is the chief mate on board the Patna, an old ship, carrying 800 Moslem pilgrims in the Arabian Sea.  He is young, idealistic, and a dreamer of heroic deeds.  One night the Patna runs over some floating … Continue reading

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Govindachamy – a case history

  “… the criminal and the psychopath, far from being free agents who voluntarily and schemingly undertake a life of crime for personal gain, are often helpless victims of constitutional, psychological, and sociological factors over which they have little control” … Continue reading

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We choose our destiny

  We forge our destiny with the choices we make in our life.  If we keep aside factors beyond our control (like earthquake, accident, etc), our life is mostly what we choose to make it. Choice Theory is a relatively … Continue reading

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