American badge for Narendra Modi


Courtesy: The Hindu (Sep 14)

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the USA has pinned a badge on the much sullied waistcoat of Narendra Modi.  It is Gujarat’s economic development that CRS found praiseworthy.  The actual reason for the accolade may be found in the following statement in the CRS report: “At present, the BJP president is Nitin Gadkari, a former Maharashtrian official known for his avid support of privatisation.” [emphasis added]

It is privatisation that America is interested in, and nothing else.  For the sake of privatisation which will allow that country to loot the wealth of other countries through various strategies, America will even seek the support of Al Qaeda – as it seems to have done in Libya. 

Libya’s Qaddafi was ousted from power on the pretext of the breakdown of the law and order in Benghazi.  As if America was bothered about the law and order in any country!  The real reason is that Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa, estimated at around 46 billion barrels. 

Once Qaddafi was ousted the Western media was full of reports about the mad rush for profits in post-Qaddafi Libya.  Reuters reported that the establishment of a new government in Libya would “herald a bonanza for Western companies and investors.” 

Frontline [Sep 23, 2011] reports: “Radical Islamists, many of them owing allegiance to Al Qaeda, were in the forefront of the six-month-long NATO-supervised fight to overthrow the government of Libya.”

Hugo Chavez said in his inimitable style referring to what has happened in Libya, “Getting the dogs to fight.  Arming here, arming there, and later bombing the country.”  That’s what America does when it want to change the government in any country for its vested interests.

We know how and why America interfered with many governments in the Gulf region.

What shall we expect of the accolade showered on Narendra Modi by that country now?  Will Mr Modi be America’s new agent in India?


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9 Responses to American badge for Narendra Modi

  1. aram says:

    Hi Sir,
    I remember the cartoon from yesturday’s paper and I had laughed my heart out at the sight !! Well i think everything seems to be having a deeper connection than what matters !!
    We must not forget that a huge section of the nris belong to Gujrat and they do have some say in the economy, either through business or through their posts in washington !!
    I guess this was just a small gesture with huge implications !!
    I very much agree with the points you put forth !!
    Lets see how much of an agent Mr. Modi is going to become !!


    • matheikal says:

      Aram, I think America will love Mr Modi. The way he brought economic development to Gujarat at the cost of many poor people is much in tune with the American way to development.

  2. It seems to be strategic move, and they want a change in the govt in the centre obviously

  3. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    But you forgot one thing matheikal … narendra Modi was denied US Visa sometime ago. It is very difficult to make sense of anything the US does or says and no one, including itself, knows what the next flip will be after the flop (Albie Sachs in his book has a chapter titled tock-tick-tock)

    The point is very well taken though.

    Raghuram Ekambaram

    • matheikal says:

      I had not forgotten that denial of Visa, Raghuram. In politics such things are quite normal, I guess. See the way Modi and BJP lapped up the American accolade – only politicians can do such things.

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  5. Ajay says:

    You was right sir

  6. Ajay verma says:

    I have some proof that narendra modi is an American agent. 2002 godhara riot was totally prepland for showing a hindu warrior to him. In actual he was doing his work for new world order and he made pm for 10 years.

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