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In the fourth book of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift presents two species of creatures.  One is called Houyhnhnm.  The Houyhnhnms look like horses.  They are very noble and live according to the laws of “reason and nature.”  The other species … Continue reading

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Corporate Greed – Reliance Style

The wealthier one is, the greedier one tends to be.  You have only to observe how the wealthy sections of our societies tend to increase their wealth at the expense of other less privileged people.  But we wouldn’t, normally, expect … Continue reading

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Human Species Heading Towards Extinction?

  In a recent lecture, Prof Noam Chomsky implied that the human species may be heading towards extinction.  Quoting Ernst Mayr, the grand old man of American biology, Prof Chomsky said that “intelligence is a kind of lethal mutation.”  The … Continue reading

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The Adequate Person

  Psychologist B. Von Haller Gilmer identifies four characteristics of the fully functioning personality or what he calls ‘the adequate person’. He thinks well of himself.  He knows his capacities as well as limitations.  He thinks well of others.  He … Continue reading

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