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The Poor and US

  “The  poor will always be with you,” said Jesus.  About 2000 years ago.  Was he advocating a caste system?  I don’t think so, given his philosophy as far as that is clear enough from the unearthed documents about him.  … Continue reading

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Dignity and the profession of teaching

  Living with dignity is a fundamental need for all normal human beings.  The human being is simultaneously a creator and a product of his/her environment.  The Biblical notion that “the imagination of man is evil from his youth” (Genesis … Continue reading

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Human Species Heading Towards Extinction?

  In a recent lecture, Prof Noam Chomsky implied that the human species may be heading towards extinction.  Quoting Ernst Mayr, the grand old man of American biology, Prof Chomsky said that “intelligence is a kind of lethal mutation.”  The … Continue reading

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Endosulfan – poisoned progress?

  Yesterday [25 April] Kerala witnessed a large scale protest that cut across political parties of various hues.  It was a protest against the use of a pesticide called Endosulfan.  Endosulfan is one of the cheapest pesticides used in horticulture … Continue reading

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The Environmentalist

  The environmentalist lectured And the earth yawned to receive saplings. Felling trees will damage the environment. Let’s plant trees. Trees give us oxygen to breathe. Trees control the climate patterns. Reduce global warming. Trees are so useful. I wondered … Continue reading

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