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The Chinese Dragon on the move

  Pakistan had generously gifted 5180 sq.km. of land in POK [Pakistan-occupied Kashmir] to China in 1963.  Now it seems to be gifting away Gilgit-Baltistan, another part of POK, to China.  Pakistan is unable to manage its natural disasters or … Continue reading

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Imperialism – Made in China

  The Chinese, it seems, possess an uncanny knack for acquisition not very unlike the Americans.  In the olden days the British Empire conquered other people’s space: the geographical conquest.  In the globalised world the American Empire conquered other people’s … Continue reading

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The Nexus between Truth and Power

  “Generally speaking, truth has been suffered to exist in the world just to the extent that it profited the rulers of society.”  These are words of renowned American philosopher Barrows Dunham (1905-1995).  In his book Man Against Myth Dunham … Continue reading

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