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Confessions of an Alcoholic

  One of the longest and most disciplined queues of the world will be found in front of the alcohol shops in Kerala.  When I was young, those shops used to be called IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) shops.  Later … Continue reading

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Religion and Reformation

  The Indian Express today [Nov 25] carries a news item on its front page claiming that the Catholic Church is on a reform path.  No other newspaper of today that I read or rummaged through [The Hindu, The Times … Continue reading

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The Church and Nobility of Family

  The Malayala Manorama [5 Oct] reports that the Catholic Church in Kerala has decided to honour Catholic couples in the state who reproduce more children.  The wing of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Conference dealing with families and “pro-life” has … Continue reading

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Priest [Some reflections on the movie]

  I never expect any profound philosophy from Hollywood.  So I was not disappointed very much after watching the new movie, Priest.  In fact, I watched the movie purely by chance; it was part of my way of celebrating the … Continue reading

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Good Friday, Easter and some temptations

  According to the Bible, the devil presented before Jesus three ‘opportunities’ or temptations.  Keep people happy with food or material possessions and they’ll worship you. Give miracles to people and they’ll worship you. You will have political power over … Continue reading

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Gospel according to Father Veranani

Reverend Father Cherian Veranani died.  When the information was conveyed to me by my father many years ago, it did not evoke any feelings in me.  Father Veranani was the headmaster of St Sebastian’s School, Vazhithala, where I studied from … Continue reading

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Murder in the Convent

  Three centuries ago Jonathan Swift remarked that the law is like a spider web.  The small flies will get caught, while the bigger ones will rip it apart and fly away.  The murder case of Sister Abhaya vindicates Swift. … Continue reading

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