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Villagers Rebel in China

  The Chinese people are used to suppression by the government.  A front page report in The Hindu [15 Dec] says that the Chinese government record more than 180,000 “mass incidents” every year.  The present uprising in the Wukan village … Continue reading

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Planning for whom?

  The latest issue of the Frontline features on its cover the Approach Paper to the Twelfth Five Year Plan.   [The title of this blog is borrowed from the Frontline]. The articles in the magazine show how the Approach Paper … Continue reading

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Per Capita Income & Some Questions

  The per capita income (pci) of India has risen by 6% from the last financial year.  It now stands at Rs 46492.  That means every one of the 1.17 billion Indians (man, woman, child) earns about Rs 3900 a … Continue reading

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Beyond Capitalism – 2

  Thousands of people are thrown out of their homes and homelands in many countries including India by the neoliberal juggernaut.  It is done in the name of development.  It may be done in the name of setting up industries, … Continue reading

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Beyond Capitalism

  All of us want a system that ensures the happiness of the majority, I suppose.  But the supposition is wrong.  We live in a world where a few people are amassing the wealth of the earth for themselves and … Continue reading

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No one Killed Jessica

  The movie, No one Killed Jessica, would have been a disaster at the box office had it not been based on a real event.  The plot has no realism, the characters are totally unconvincing, and the story does not … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to 2011

Officially 2011 marks the completion of two decades of liberalisation in India.  Liberalisation gave wings to the country’s economy which had until then been a snail.  Consequently India became the home of many billionaires.  If the private wealth of India’s … Continue reading

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