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In the fourth book of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift presents two species of creatures.  One is called Houyhnhnm.  The Houyhnhnms look like horses.  They are very noble and live according to the laws of “reason and nature.”  The other species … Continue reading

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CBSE to go tough on students?

  Faced with criticism from many quarters about its generosity, the Central Boards of Secondary Education (CBSE, India) seems to be making a decision to go tough on its students from the next academic session if a report in The … Continue reading

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Students and the Future

  During an informal discussion with a group of young students [17-18 years] on Barack Obama’s remark that India is no more an emerging country but an “emerged” one, I mentioned that about 160,000 farmers committed suicide in the “emerged” … Continue reading

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