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Book man and his follies

  Those who live by the book will die by the book’s folly. “After all, as a book man, I should judge a book for its literary merit, irrespective of its subject matter.  Poppycock.” The above quote is from Vikram … Continue reading

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Personalising Religion

  In the first pages of his novel, Illusions, Richard Bach tells the story of some water creatures.  These creatures spend their entire lifetime clinging to some object under water.  Once they saw a creature of their species floating along … Continue reading

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The no-man’s land of religion

  Vang was a Hmong (Laotian) soldier.  He resettled in Chicago in 1980 after escaping the ravages of the war in Laos.  Soon Vang developed serious medical problems.  He started having nightmares and breathing problems.  Vang’s case would have remained … Continue reading

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