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Inward Journey

  There are two kinds of truths: (1) objective truth, given by various branches of science, and (2) subjective truth, discovered by each individual within him-/herself.  Mother Teresa’s conviction that we have to do good though the world may be … Continue reading

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Rise above systems

  Please answer the following questions ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Are you open to experience?  That is, if a new and possibly strange experience comes along, instead of getting frightened or depressed or awful… do you try to learn a lesson … Continue reading

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The no-man’s land of religion

  Vang was a Hmong (Laotian) soldier.  He resettled in Chicago in 1980 after escaping the ravages of the war in Laos.  Soon Vang developed serious medical problems.  He started having nightmares and breathing problems.  Vang’s case would have remained … Continue reading

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Can Science Create a Non-Violent Society?

  British criminologists have come up with a suggestion.  Brain scans help detect violent tendencies in children and treatment can arrest potential criminal conduct.  Can science indeed remove violence from the face of the earth?   Charles Whitman was a … Continue reading

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