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Jai Hazare

 Albert Camus, a Nobel laureate in literature and a prominent Existentialist philosopher, defined a rebel as a person who says ‘No’ to a system and also introduces an alternative system.   My problem with the Anna Hazare politics has been that … Continue reading

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The Art of Manufacturing Truths

  Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and others seem to be specialising in the art of fabricating truths.  This is not my allegation.  Harish Khare’s article in today’s Hindu [6 June 2012] says it eloquently.  Khare’s argument is that the Hazare … Continue reading

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Is this man a fraud or an idiot?

Anna Hazare says that he won’t contest the elections simply because Indians “vote for booze and money.” The Indian Express, Delhi edition, has given front page coverage to that statement of Hazare. I am an Indian and I have never … Continue reading

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Vote for Me

  Come elections, and you’ll find them joining their palms before you.  You won’t ever see them after the elections.  That’s what politicians are.  That’s my experience.  But a friend of mine tells me that it’s because I don’t know … Continue reading

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Anna Hazare – Book Review

  Book Review Anna Hazare: The Gandhi of 21st Century Author: Sanjay Dutta Published by: Mahaveer Publishers, New Delhi Pages: 204       Price: Rs 175 This is a hastily compiled book published with the intention of cashing in on the popularity … Continue reading

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Hazare and the Thousands

  The Hindu newspaper has been carrying articles by various eminent writers and thinkers on the issue of Anna Hazare ever since Anna started his fast recently.  The lead article on the edit page of today’s Hindu [24 Aug] is … Continue reading

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Who is afraid of Anna Hazare?

  Why is the Congress government afraid of Anna Hazare?  Why did it choose to put him behind the bars as if he were a criminal?  Isn’t this a case of the real criminals putting the whistle-blower behind the bars? … Continue reading

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