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The Body

  It was while studying Gender Identity Disorder [GID] that I came across in a psychology book the concept of the human body as an expression of a culture.  My Christian upbringing had taught me in my childhood that the … Continue reading

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Imperial Ambitions

  “Neoliberal capitalism isn’t just about the accumulation of capital (for some).  It’s also about the accumulation of power (for some), the accumulation of freedom (for some).  Conversely, for the rest of the world, the people who are excluded from … Continue reading

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Mumbai Again – a plea for humanity

From the beginning of the human civilisation, the hard-working and prosperous people have been held to ransom by criminals and laggards.  It is impossible to view the terrorist attacks on Mumbai as motivated by any religious principles.  [Otherwise the meaning … Continue reading

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Endosulfan – poisoned progress?

  Yesterday [25 April] Kerala witnessed a large scale protest that cut across political parties of various hues.  It was a protest against the use of a pesticide called Endosulfan.  Endosulfan is one of the cheapest pesticides used in horticulture … Continue reading

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