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A Dream and a little more

  An ideal human society is an impossibility.  Paraphrasing the Bible, one may say that wherever three or four persons are gathered there will be ‘politics’; that is, promotion of self-interests at the cost of others’ welfare. I’ve come across … Continue reading

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The Problem with Wealth

“All money is essentially about trust, and once this trust is shaken there are repercussions.”  Can you guess who said it? You won’t, in all probability.  That’s from an article written by Jayati Ghosh in the latest issue of the … Continue reading

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Crime – a sermon

  This morning’s newspaper brought the ghastly report about a six month-old girl being sexually abused by an 18 year-old boy in Delhi’s Kabir Nagar.   If a six month-old child is not safe from villainy, there is something radically wrong … Continue reading

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The Conquest of Happiness

  In 1954 psychologist Abraham Maslow propounded a theory of human needs.  At the bottom of his hierarchy of needs are the basic physiological needs of food and drink.  Once these needs are fulfilled human beings look for the next … Continue reading

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Beyond Capitalism

  All of us want a system that ensures the happiness of the majority, I suppose.  But the supposition is wrong.  We live in a world where a few people are amassing the wealth of the earth for themselves and … Continue reading

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The Adequate Person

  Psychologist B. Von Haller Gilmer identifies four characteristics of the fully functioning personality or what he calls ‘the adequate person’. He thinks well of himself.  He knows his capacities as well as limitations.  He thinks well of others.  He … Continue reading

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