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Value of human beings in religion

  I am very wary of people who are religious by profession.  My experience is that they are more eager to receive than give.  They look for donations, offerings, and other means of accumulating wealth without doing any creative or … Continue reading

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Dignity and the profession of teaching

  Living with dignity is a fundamental need for all normal human beings.  The human being is simultaneously a creator and a product of his/her environment.  The Biblical notion that “the imagination of man is evil from his youth” (Genesis … Continue reading

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Learning [Teaching] Effortlessly

  As an English teacher in a school I have been constantly aware of the charge that the inadequacy of students’ knowledge of English hinders their understanding of other subjects.  I had always felt intuitively that it was a baseless … Continue reading

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Love’s Labours Lost [A movie review]

  Most of the ills in the world can be solved with one potion: LOVE.  If Osama bin Laden knew that, the world would have been quite a different place today.  If the Bushes of America knew it, the world … Continue reading

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Captive education

  “Who was your favourite teacher at school?” asked Maggie as soon as she came home after attending a workshop on innovative teaching conducted by an organisation whose books and methodology of teaching are going to be introduced in her … Continue reading

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