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Villagers Rebel in China

  The Chinese people are used to suppression by the government.  A front page report in The Hindu [15 Dec] says that the Chinese government record more than 180,000 “mass incidents” every year.  The present uprising in the Wukan village … Continue reading

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The Chinese Dragon on the move

  Pakistan had generously gifted 5180 of land in POK [Pakistan-occupied Kashmir] to China in 1963.  Now it seems to be gifting away Gilgit-Baltistan, another part of POK, to China.  Pakistan is unable to manage its natural disasters or … Continue reading

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Imperialism – Made in China

  The Chinese, it seems, possess an uncanny knack for acquisition not very unlike the Americans.  In the olden days the British Empire conquered other people’s space: the geographical conquest.  In the globalised world the American Empire conquered other people’s … Continue reading

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