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Militancy in the classroom

  Teaching English is fun especially in a CBSE school.  Even my principal thinks that English is a “light” subject, just fun.  All subjects should be fun to learn, according to me.  CBSE has made the English syllabus too ‘light’ … Continue reading

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Open University Jokes

There’s only one course of studies that I pursued out of my own interest: literature.  All the rest were either imposed on me by someone or pursued by me out of fancy.  At the age of 51 I decided to … Continue reading

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Happy Teacher’s Day

  Life is interesting.  Even as a teacher in a private school.  A few weeks back a young man came to my residence.  He bent down as if to touch my feet. I understood that he was one of my … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligences

  Howard Gardner took intelligence out of the classroom and the IQ tests.  He argues that the IQ tests mostly assess a person’s logical-mathematical intelligence, whereas the person may be exquisitely intelligent in many other dimensions such as sports, dance, … Continue reading

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Students and the Future

  During an informal discussion with a group of young students [17-18 years] on Barack Obama’s remark that India is no more an emerging country but an “emerged” one, I mentioned that about 160,000 farmers committed suicide in the “emerged” … Continue reading

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