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Destiny – who shapes it?

  God serves an immense variety of functions in people’s life.   For many, God is an answer to all mysteries.  God can be a pain-killer, a co-sufferer, a counsellor, and so on.  God is also effectively used as a justification … Continue reading

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At the Edge of the Cosmos

  First, a poem. It’s a poem I wrote about fifteen years ago.  I was undergoing a psychological turmoil at that time.  There was a longing for escape with a simultaneous knowledge that any real escape of the kind I … Continue reading

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Sathya Sai Baba

  The large number of followers that Sathya Sai Baba gathered was another proof of man’s craving to worship something or someone.  There certainly must have been something in the Baba that had the potential to attract people. The most … Continue reading

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Good Friday, Easter and some temptations

  According to the Bible, the devil presented before Jesus three ‘opportunities’ or temptations.  Keep people happy with food or material possessions and they’ll worship you. Give miracles to people and they’ll worship you. You will have political power over … Continue reading

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God of Small Minds

  Surya TV [the Malayalam channel of Sun TV] reported yesterday [19 March, Saturday] that in a particular school in Kerala a student was allowed by the State government machinery to write his Board exams from 7 in the evening … Continue reading

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Religion, the Ultimate Drug

  Religion is a potent source of solace to a lot of people.  Otherwise it wouldn’t have survived so long.  When you are going through an excruciating crisis, one of the best solutions is to go to the god that … Continue reading

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Oh God Yeddyurappa

  Yeddyurappa, Your very name rings religious bells in my heart.  I was born and brought up in a place near your kingdom where gods are called appa and amma.  We have Guruvayoorappa and Ettumannoorappa, Kodungallooramma and Chakkulathamma, and so … Continue reading

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