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Is Kasab in Paradise?

  According to the lascivious promises made in the Islamic scriptures to the martyrs, Ajmal Kasab must now be in the blissful paradise reclining on “a raised throne woven with gold and precious stones,” wearing “silken garments,” “bunches of fruits … Continue reading

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Value of human beings in religion

  I am very wary of people who are religious by profession.  My experience is that they are more eager to receive than give.  They look for donations, offerings, and other means of accumulating wealth without doing any creative or … Continue reading

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Dear Prophet

Dear Prophet: A woman’s story by Ali Ansari is more a treatise on religion than a novel.  The story (if there indeed is any story) is narrated in first person by Zarina who is faced with the meaninglessness of life … Continue reading

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Inward Journey

  There are two kinds of truths: (1) objective truth, given by various branches of science, and (2) subjective truth, discovered by each individual within him-/herself.  Mother Teresa’s conviction that we have to do good though the world may be … Continue reading

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Godmen are Fakemen

  One of the first things I did after post-graduating in English Literature was to interview a Catholic priest in Kerala who performs a lot of miracles.  It was with much difficulty that I managed to get him for an … Continue reading

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The Worst Form of Worship

Religion is the worst form of worship.  Unless it is understood properly. There was once a sage who used to offer worships with food items.  Rats used to trouble him because of the food items.  So he started keeping a … Continue reading

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Saffron Terror under lens

    “One person’s delusion may be another’s salvation,” say psychologists Arthur S. Reber, et al.  That’s why religion has to be accepted as part of our social fabric.  Perhaps it is impossible to live out life on this planet … Continue reading

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