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Didi Politics

There’s a saying in Malayalam which translates as: ‘Two mountains may unite, but two women won’t.’  [The real humour of the saying will be clear only when you know that the word in Malayalam for mountain is mala and for … Continue reading

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Mamata in Action

  Exactly a year has passed since I visited Darjeeling.  My two-day tour of the exotic hill-station was sandwiched neatly between two hartals [shutdown of all normal activities].  Hartals used to descend upon the hills of Darjeeling like the mists … Continue reading

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Budget Politics

The Railway budget presented by Mamata is meant to win votes.  First of all, Mamata wants to establish her party strongly in her own state of West Bengal.  Secondly, she wants the Congress to come to power again.  This much … Continue reading

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