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I have a Caste

Swami Vivekananda described Kerala as a madhouse.  Interestingly, the followers of the Swami turned out to be quite as mad as the inhabitants of what he described as a madhouse and what later has been advertised as God’s own country. … Continue reading

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Conspiracy of Chromosomes

I don’t remember the name of the writer who defined life as a conspiracy of chromosomes.   But I learnt recently that  the probability of a particular sperm combining with a particular ovum is 1:300 trillion in the creation of a … Continue reading

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The Boss

  I never liked the idea of the boss. Why can’t we be all equal? Why can’t we all just do our own jobs and let others do theirs?  Why a caste system in job? Most of the time I … Continue reading

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Monster Boss

According to a recent CNN report, 67 percent of people say they hate their jobs. The vast majority of unhappy workers blame their bosses. Without question, having a monster boss is one of life’s challenges. No matter how bad you … Continue reading

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