The Boss


I never liked the idea of the boss. Why can’t we be all equal? Why can’t we all just do our own jobs and let others do theirs?  Why a caste system in job?

Most of the time I was fortunate to have bosses who were more intelligent than the ancient Brahminical casteist ideologue.  Once in your many lifetimes on this very planet, in this very lifetime, you are ill-fated to have quite many a boss who turns out to be a scoundrel.  

Once upon a time I met one of my bosses.  He sent a summons through a peon.  It ended up as an exercise in his trying to prove that he was greater than me.  Of course he is greater than me because his salary is almost triple of mine though his work seems to be less than a quarter of mine.  That’s what MBA means, I guess.  [My students have given a fitting expansion to MBA: Master of Bad Activities]

There may be many persons like me who are fated to have bosses.  For their sake let me paste (not post) some quotes from Murphy’s Law by Arthur Bloch.

Imhoff’s Law: The organisation of any bureaucracy is very much like a septic tank – the really big chunks always rise to the top.

Match’s Maxim: A fool in a high station is like a man on the top of a high mountain; everything appears small to him and he appears small to everybody.

H L Mencken’s Law: Those who can – do.  Those who cannot – teach.  Those who cannot teach – administrate.

Incompetence is directly proportional to one’s position in the hierarchy.


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2 Responses to The Boss

  1. baruk says:

    “Why can’t we all just do our own jobs and let others do theirs?”

    couldn’t agree more.

    a few years ago i read of an englishman who was standing with a mizo chief when the village drunkard came by, and pushed them out of his way, and the chief meekly moved. the englishman was very surprised that the chief did not react to the drunkard. the chief then told the englishman that if it were a time of war and absolute obedience were required, he would have killed the other person for much less. however, since it was a time of peace, they were all equal in the village.

    rulers are created, i think, more out of peoples desire to rule than peoples desire to *be ruled.

  2. Siddharth Gupta says:

    Nice sir, enjoyed reading it. Actually I can relate the first half of it pretty well, haha !

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