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Is this man a fraud or an idiot?

Anna Hazare says that he won’t contest the elections simply because Indians “vote for booze and money.” The Indian Express, Delhi edition, has given front page coverage to that statement of Hazare. I am an Indian and I have never … Continue reading

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Mamta di, the dictator

    “Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior,” said Socrates who was born about 2500 years before Mamta di blossomed into a dictator in the state which espoused the dictatorship of the proletariat for quite a few … Continue reading

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Marxist Jesus

Jesus has been adopted by the Marxists.  In a history exhibition organised as part of the Kerala State level meet of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Thiruvananthapuram, the picture of Jesus occupies a prominent place along with Karl … Continue reading

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Troubled waters of Kerala Politics

  A few days back, a Congress MP [Member of Parliament] from Kerala made public statement that he had personally witnessed a Supreme Court judge being bribed in order to get a favourable judgement in a case related to issuing … Continue reading

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Where immoral is legal

BJP’s Karnataka: Where immoral is legal The president of Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP], Nitin Gadkari, has decreed that the Karnataka Chief Minister’s act of allotting land to his sons and other family members is immoral but not illegal.  The party, … Continue reading

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India’s silence over Burma

  Barack Obama questioned India’s silence over the cruel dictatorship in its neighbouring country, Burma [Myanmar].  Whether the president of a country that has supported dictatorships whenever it was convenient to it has a right to question India’s silence about … Continue reading

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Media, Politics and other lies

  I picked up two magazines during my last visit to the newsstand: Outlook [Anniversary Special] and Frontline [of which I never miss an issue].  While Outlook elaborates on the degeneration that has gripped the Indian media like a cancer, … Continue reading

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