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Poetry in a prosaic world

D M R Sekhar is a friend that I acquired at a blog site.  He has now published a collection of his poems under the title Temples of Sand.  I was privileged to write its Foreword.  I am reproducing that … Continue reading

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The no-man’s land of religion

  Vang was a Hmong (Laotian) soldier.  He resettled in Chicago in 1980 after escaping the ravages of the war in Laos.  Soon Vang developed serious medical problems.  He started having nightmares and breathing problems.  Vang’s case would have remained … Continue reading

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Rain in Panopticon

                 Panopticon: “Symbol and instrument of constant surveillance, it assured the automatic application of power by rendering the prisoner perpetually visible, since the overseers could not be seen, the inmates became their own guards … Continue reading

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