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When man is wolf to man

The British King Henry VIII’s fleeting love for women made him marry six times.  He had a bevy of concubines in addition.  Managing such a lot of women is a herculean task even for a crafty king, especially when his … Continue reading

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The Saga of a Warrior

  When they killed my husband, it was the spirit of undaunted daring and unfailing love that was murdered. You romanticise the love that Shahjahan bore for Mumtaz because he erected that mausoleum called Taj Mahal in memory of his … Continue reading

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The Farce that’s History

History is written by the winners.  And the winners may be the Catholic Church as it was in the case of the innumerable innocent women burnt as witches in the medieval period, or the slightly less innumerable men burnt as … Continue reading

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