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Govindachamy – a case history

  “… the criminal and the psychopath, far from being free agents who voluntarily and schemingly undertake a life of crime for personal gain, are often helpless victims of constitutional, psychological, and sociological factors over which they have little control” … Continue reading

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Wages of Sin

The underground cellars of the Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, have spilled out fabulous treasures whose worth is estimated to be around one lakh crore rupees (Rs 1000,000,000,000).  The gold coins, chains, biscuits and other … Continue reading

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Crime – a sermon

  This morning’s newspaper brought the ghastly report about a six month-old girl being sexually abused by an 18 year-old boy in Delhi’s Kabir Nagar.   If a six month-old child is not safe from villainy, there is something radically wrong … Continue reading

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When the Police Join the Criminals

  When the police who are supposed to protect the people from thugs become protectors of the thugs, the people can only console themselves with the belief that they are indeed living in the mythical kaliyug.  Paul M George, a … Continue reading

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