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Parivartan in the Palace

  The Cast King Chatterjee – Minister Mrs Pandey – Minister Patel – Minister Sharma – Minister Patnaik – Leader of Opposition Nath – Opposition Member Mrs Nanda – Opposition Member Beggar Soldier 1 Soldier 2     The King’s … Continue reading

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Gospel of one’s own heart

    Jim is the chief mate on board the Patna, an old ship, carrying 800 Moslem pilgrims in the Arabian Sea.  He is young, idealistic, and a dreamer of heroic deeds.  One night the Patna runs over some floating … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Kurtz

One of the paradoxes of human existence is that society corrupts while solitude can be highly destructive.  Solitude is not a solution for the problems raised by society.  Joseph Conrad is a novelist who explored these themes extensively in his … Continue reading

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Poetry in a prosaic world

D M R Sekhar is a friend that I acquired at a blog site.  He has now published a collection of his poems under the title Temples of Sand.  I was privileged to write its Foreword.  I am reproducing that … Continue reading

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Death Penalty – an essay

 I was never totally against death penalty.  There could be individuals who are so detrimental to the human society that they could be done away with, that was my view.  For example, a person like Kasab whom we saw on … Continue reading

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Writers should be die-able

  Speaking at a function connected with an international book fair being held in Kerala [India], renowned Malayalam novelist and former president of the Sahitya Academy, M Mukundan, reiterated what Shakespeare said about four centuries ago.  “Literary writers should be … Continue reading

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J D Salinger is Still Alive

  J D Salinger became world-famous for his novel, The Catcher in the Rye.  [For an article of mine on the novel, you may click here.]  Fame, however, was [is] the last thing that Salinger wanted. On the dust jacket … Continue reading

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