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Quick Fix Solutions

  There is a relatively new kind of therapy in psychology called Solution-Focused Brief Therapy [SFBT].  It was initiated in the late 1970s.  Gerald Corey rightly lists it among Postmodern approaches in psychological counselling.  Postmodern is a term that can … Continue reading

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The Diary of an Existentialist

  I am not a fatalist like Diderot’s eponymous character, Jacques the Fatalist.  Jacques believed that everything that has happened and will happen in our life is “written up there.”  Such a life is a very pathetic one; it denies … Continue reading

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I could be 81

  I am quite used to being addressed as “uncle” by a wide variety of people.  The abundance of grey hairs on my head has entitled me to that avuncular status.  But never did I imagine that somebody would think … Continue reading

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I have a Caste

Swami Vivekananda described Kerala as a madhouse.  Interestingly, the followers of the Swami turned out to be quite as mad as the inhabitants of what he described as a madhouse and what later has been advertised as God’s own country. … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligences

  Howard Gardner took intelligence out of the classroom and the IQ tests.  He argues that the IQ tests mostly assess a person’s logical-mathematical intelligence, whereas the person may be exquisitely intelligent in many other dimensions such as sports, dance, … Continue reading

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The Boss

  I never liked the idea of the boss. Why can’t we be all equal? Why can’t we all just do our own jobs and let others do theirs?  Why a caste system in job? Most of the time I … Continue reading

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On being alone

  Being alone has its delightful pleasures.  You are your own master, for one.  You can choose the topic of your contemplation.  You don’t have to go by the tastes of the majority who determine the topic of the conversation … Continue reading

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