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Dear Prophet

Dear Prophet: A woman’s story by Ali Ansari is more a treatise on religion than a novel.  The story (if there indeed is any story) is narrated in first person by Zarina who is faced with the meaninglessness of life … Continue reading

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Imperial Ambitions

  “Neoliberal capitalism isn’t just about the accumulation of capital (for some).  It’s also about the accumulation of power (for some), the accumulation of freedom (for some).  Conversely, for the rest of the world, the people who are excluded from … Continue reading

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Osama in Dante’s Hell

  In Dante’s classical work, Divine Comedy, Hell has nine circles.  As you proceed from the first towards the successive ones, the torments increase.  While the last one, the ninth circle, is reserved for those who practised treachery in their … Continue reading

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Bhopal, India and America

  About three centuries ago Jonathan Swift (1662-17745) compared the law to a cobweb.  He said that the small insects would be caught and eaten in the web while the big creatures would break the web and escape.  The judgement … Continue reading

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Hegemony a la America

  “The theories of Milton Friedman gave him the Nobel Prize; they gave Chile General Pinochet.”  Eduardo Galeano The United States of America regards itself the Messiah of the world.  At least it wants to project itself so.  In practice … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Vision for the World

  Both the content and the tone of President Obama’s speech at the Cairo University differ distinctively from his predecessor’s similar exercises.   George W Bush spoke and behaved as the lord of the world.  His belligerence bred more hatred and … Continue reading

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