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Anti-Gandhian Anna

  Flogging and Gandhi?  They never go together. “Gandhi never urged anyone to renounce wealth or power,” says Louis Fischer in his renowned biography of Mahatma Gandhi.  Gandhi did not insist on anyone to renounce anything.  Even alcohol.  Gandhi said, … Continue reading

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Gandhi and Bhagat Singh

  One of the most frequent observations raised by my students when I mention Gandhi as a great hero is that Gandhi supported the hanging of Bhagat Singh though he could have saved him from the gallows.  On the occasion … Continue reading

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Contemporary Assassins of Gandhi

  Former Karnataka Chief Minister, H D Kumaraswamy’s remark on Gandhi is highly condemnable.  He is reported to have said that Gandhi would have turned corrupt in present-day politics or run away.  The remark reveals a shocking ignorance of the … Continue reading

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Gandhi, His God and the ordinary mortals

  Mahatma Gandhi was a radical thinker with an idealistic vision.  He strove utmost to put that vision into practice in his life.  He was no less than the Buddha or Jesus in his aspirations as well as materialisation of … Continue reading

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The dilemmas of greatness

“The truth is that heroes can have, most do have, feet of clay, flawed personalities who grapple with baser emotions while they serve the nation.  It is the commitment and the vision that matter.”  A G Noorani wrote this while … Continue reading

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