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Was Thackeray an Anachronism?

  Bal Thackeray was the Hitler of Maharashtra.  He not only admired the ‘Great Dictator’ but also tried to emulate him by fighting the non-Marathis with all resources available to him.  The number of people in various parts of India … Continue reading

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Jai Hazare

 Albert Camus, a Nobel laureate in literature and a prominent Existentialist philosopher, defined a rebel as a person who says ‘No’ to a system and also introduces an alternative system.   My problem with the Anna Hazare politics has been that … Continue reading

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Didi Politics

There’s a saying in Malayalam which translates as: ‘Two mountains may unite, but two women won’t.’  [The real humour of the saying will be clear only when you know that the word in Malayalam for mountain is mala and for … Continue reading

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The Art of Manufacturing Truths

  Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and others seem to be specialising in the art of fabricating truths.  This is not my allegation.  Harish Khare’s article in today’s Hindu [6 June 2012] says it eloquently.  Khare’s argument is that the Hazare … Continue reading

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National Bandh & Delhi’s Selfishenss

  Some political parties called for a bandh (shut down) today in India.  I thought I would be able to have a relatively more free ride on the roads of Delhi due to the bandh.  Of course, I know that … Continue reading

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Aamir Khan’s Truth

  I’m speaking about Aamir Khan’s show, Satyamev Jayate.  I was a little upset with the Hindu’s article yesterday, titled Satyamev Jayate’s Ardh Satya by one Farah Naqvi.  Farah has raised a very pertinent question about the show: about the … Continue reading

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Is this man a fraud or an idiot?

Anna Hazare says that he won’t contest the elections simply because Indians “vote for booze and money.” The Indian Express, Delhi edition, has given front page coverage to that statement of Hazare. I am an Indian and I have never … Continue reading

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