India’s Fire Missile

Ok, I too feel proud about India’s successful launching of the Agni-V.  Yeah, it can hit targets all over China, let alone our perpetual enemy, Pakistan.  Why only China and Pakistan, the Agni-V can hit any target in the whole of South Asia.  India is a superpower, indeed.  And I’m proud of my country.

Having proved my patriotism (lest I be arrested for treason), I’d like to draw your attention to some nitty-gritty.

Consider the wealth the world’s superpowers spend on defence, on destructive things like the Agni-V.

America spends $739.3 billion a year on defence.  China’s annual budget for protecting itself from India is $89.8 billion.  India spends $31.9 on proving its superpower credentials.  England’s share is $63.7 billion, and Russia’s is $52.7 billion. [Source: IISS 2011, Gunfire Power, as quoted in Malayala Manorama, 20 Apr 2012]

Let’s leave out other countries which also spend pretty much on defence.  Let us add up only the expenditure of these 5 nations on defence.  It adds up to $977.4 billion.  What is the population of the whole world?  About 7 billion.  Divide the defence expenditure of 5 countries among the whole population of the world.  Each individual (including the newborn infant) will receive $140 per year.   Leave out the rich who won’t need such charity and then each family will get enough money to live happily ever after!  Just from what the world is spending on trying to destroy one another!

Now add what other countries are spending on defence.  It’s an enormous amount.

There’s so much wealth in the world.  Yet the world lives in misery.  Fighting one another.  Why?

We are descendants of apes, is that why?

The human species can live happily without any poverty if it wants, provided it can save itself from its animal instincts.

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9 Responses to India’s Fire Missile

  1. Sir, I’ll just say this – sociology, psychology, philosophy and economy go hand in hand. All it takes is a frown to set the ball rolling and rest becomes history.

    Sir, you should thank your stars – you weren’t a Chinese. 😛

    • matheikal says:

      Yeah, Sid. You’re right. The Chinese would have done away with me long ago 🙂
      You just made me think of the Chinese -like people in the Northeast, a region which I escaped by the skin of my teeth. But I must add that it was not the Northeast people who made the misery but the religious people who control them. Even the Chinese will control them as easily if history takes a little twist!

  2. makpossible says:

    Sir, suppose i were to receive $140 per year, i am wondering how much i have to set aside as bribe? $40?? You can very well understand the plight.
    Will you please contest an election? Bring about some change sir.

  3. gardenerat60 says:

    Change needs to be brought in by all of us, personally first, then our own family, extended family and neighborhood. Then it will come . Meanwhile another Bhuddha, Krishna or Christ will emerge after total destruction.

    • matheikal says:

      It is that personal change that I’m advocating too, Gardener. But, as my friend Raghuram says, it is quite a delusional wish. Quite impractical. I persist with, neverthelss, because I believe even if one person begins to think differently because of me I’m doing a great job.

      • gardenerat60 says:

        Ofcourse, it makes a difference. And I feel comfortable, learning that there are people who give importance to these issues.
        I am sure there are many more, but not in public sphere.
        I am hopeful, there will be many more too.

        It is needless to say, I appreciate your blog a lot.

  4. Raghuram Ekambaram says:


    I found a major flaw in your argument. You are deluded, thinking that defense expenditure is for defense of a country. No sireee!

    Defense is regressive transfer of money, to the fat cats of armament industry. If world peace does come about, the first peacetime casualty will be that industry. This is the reason talk on world peace is a non-starter. On the other hand, world going to pieces is fine music for the piece of the world that controls monies – finance.

    If you want to argue against defense, argue against finance.


    • matheikal says:

      You go to the real roots of the problem, Raghuram. I go to the idealistic roots. Though I know idealism is out of place, I still hope. Delusion, yes, to an extent. But I’m aware of the delusion. So I call it hope, optimism… knowing that it is out of place!

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