The Dark Drama in Karnataka


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Finally Yeddyurappa fell.  The man who had started off as a ‘popular leader’ became the most disgraceful liability for his party, the BJP. 

During the 38 months in which Yeddyurappa was the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the state witnessed quite a few sordid dramas of which neither Yeddyurappa nor his party can be proud. 

Operation Lotus was Yeddyurappa’s way of buying up the loyalty of MLAs.  Right from the beginning Yeddyurappa and his party indulged in the strategy of horse-trading.  He had to prove his party’s majority more than once on the floor of the House.  Money mattered more in such politics than any ideology or ethics.  Such money had to be obtained through means more foul than fair.   Thus Yeddyurappa redefined the role of money in politics.  He became the symbol of shamelessness in Indian politics: shameless bribing of politicians for their support, shameless acts of assault on people in the name of religion and culture, shameless episodes of corruption.

Such shamelessness does not leave power easily.  Yeddyurappa tried his best to cling on to the Chief Minister’s chair by hook or by crook.  This time, however, money could not save him. 

A time comes in the life of most such people when the power of money fails.  If there is some trace of goodness left in them, they may look within and save themselves from the jaws of greed.  And bring some honour into their life.  Otherwise, they will seek and discover new strategies to continue their life as shamelessly as they had led it hitherto.   Even a temporary attack of amnesia a la Kalmadi can come in handy.  Or the verbal jugglery of Andimuthu Raja.  Yeddyurappa will discover something much more foolproof than Kalmadi and Raja, because he is more shrewd.  What strategy will Yeddyurappa strike upon?  We can wait and watch as the great comedy of Karnataka politics unfolds scene by scene with the excitement of a Shakespearean Dark Play.


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2 Responses to The Dark Drama in Karnataka

  1. S.R.Ayyangar says:

    While Digging the mines with Reddy brothers, he has dug his own grave!

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