Who is afraid of Anna Hazare?


Why is the Congress government afraid of Anna Hazare?  Why did it choose to put him behind the bars as if he were a criminal?  Isn’t this a case of the real criminals putting the whistle-blower behind the bars?

What Anna Hazare is doing is to bring as much transparency into Indian political governance as far as that is possible.  What is wrong with that? 

The government’s version of the Lokpal bill was obviously meant to protect certain people from its purview.  It becomes too obvious to the educated and politically conscious people in the country that the government is trying to render the Lokpal powerless and meaningless.  How long will the government keep on fooling such a lot of people?

It becomes very clear that the Congress is trying to shield certain corrupt people and their black money stashed away abroad.  It becomes very clear that the Congress is anti-people.

The way the party went about privatising whatever it could, selling the shares of Public Sector Units, selling the land, mines and rivers to the private sector – selling the country, in short – gives us enough hint about its intentions.  Anna Hazare is a threat to such intentions.  Hence he should be cleared off. 

The corrupt leader wishes to put away all honest leaders of the people.

The people of India may not tolerate this kind of politics anymore.  The protests that have erupted all over the country are a proof. 

Revolutions have broken out for lesser causes.



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8 Responses to Who is afraid of Anna Hazare?

  1. Tintu says:

    Its the worst Govt that we have seen, they are more like terrorist, attacking their own people. We say we are free India, but we are still in bondage of corruption. Its a shame to say that we are independent india. But we will not give up on these corrupted and filthy politician, we all will support Anna for this act. Jai Hind!

  2. Anil KS says:

    Instead of pressing the Govt. for considering civil society bill , it would be better if every MP is forced by the people to table it from their own side , cutting and defying their party whips .The mass movement should be directed totally targeting every MP of their respective city to take it up in parliament .

    • matheikal says:

      While this suggestion seems good, it may not be very practical. How would you force each MP to do it? Who is there to lead the people of each constituency to force their MP to do it?

  3. Raghuram says:

    Sorry matheikal, you have gone way overboard …

    The land of Anna Hazare will NOT be one of honey and milk. It too will be filled with filth in no time. People do not see why should there be a government at all. Why not anarchy? And, if there is a government, one should ask about its primary responsibility. It is NOT to provide services to people. It is to mediate the conflicts and at best be an arbiter. And, there is no arbiter, politicain or anyone else, who walks the yellow line at the centre of the road. Bingo! Corruption.

    Raghuram Ekambaram

    • matheikal says:


      Thank you, first of all. I thought I was a stupid radical [going to the roots – that’s what radical means, for those who cannot differentiate between the radical in maths and the real roots] and nobody would ever understand me. You understood me as most of the times.

      I know a thousand Anna Hazares will be required in the future even if this battle is won. I am not an admirer of Anna. But the only hero that today’s history can make is a soldier, a SOLDIER fighting crooked intelligent people. Anna is our soldier today.

      I don’t llook forward to any land flowing with milk and honey. I look forward to a land where basic needs of the people are fulfilled.

  4. kukkumol says:

    Anna Hazare,anti-corruption activist victory is a great victory.it is a victory for the entire people of India regardless of caste,religion and culture.the government of India led by Mammon Singh should know that the voice of the people is the voice of God and quickly pass the Lokpal bill without further delay

  5. jagjit singh says:

    I am with anna hazare on his fast to our future better on anti corruption and for development of country because our money and time is looted by the corrupted politician & officer due to lacks of transparency too late decession of courts of this reason all corrupted man ascap of law

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