Eliminating the Poor

“The poor will always be with you,” said Jesus.  Probably he was not able to see beyond two thousand years. 

The poor are being eliminated in the proverbial Darwinian struggle for existence.

The Hindu, 21 Sep 2011

The Planning Commission of India told the Supreme Court in an affidavit that anyone spending more than Rs 965 per month ($ 0.7 a day) in urban India and Rs 781 ($ 0.6 a day) in rural India will be deemed to be not poor. 

This is when the UNO thinks that anyone living less than a dollar a day lives in misery!  This is in India that is poised to be the superpower of 21st century!

Are the leaders of India totally cut off from the reality in the country? 

“The sign of mediocre leaders is that they believe things will continue as they have,” says John Ralston Saul [The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World].  The mediocre leader swims with the current.  When the current seems to go against him, he brings in mafia groups to change the current.  The mafia groups in this case happens to be businessmen and so-called entrepreneurs.

We have seen such businessmen and entrepreneurs setting up skyscrapers in the hearts of cities as their private homes.  We have seen such people displaying cars costing millions for ads while they bring out one lakh rupee cars for the poor [and spending millions for ads in order to sell those cars, again]. 

Leadership vacuum.  My good friend, Raghuram, mentioned it in one of his comments.  We are suffering from a leadership vacuum. 

Times of India 21 Sep 2011

Anna Hazare became a leader for a moment and disappeared.

Narendra Modi and L K Advani are vying with each other to become the leader.   Both know the value of killing the poor for the sake of coming to power.

The Congress seems to be determined to kill the poor with their policies.  Policies like the hike in petrol price and the imminent hike in gas price when the companies dealing with these commodities are actually making profits.

The present affidavit filed by the Planning Commission of India to the Supreme Court is an example of how the people in power will try to enhance their welfare at the cost of the poor.

I’m witnessing it at my own workplace day in and day out.

Eliminate those who don’t support the skewed system that benefits a few, that’s the policy.  Eliminate the poor – the poor in all its possible meanings.


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5 Responses to Eliminating the Poor

  1. saru singhal says:

    I think since they don’t have to buy groceries on their own, they don’t know the inflation rate. What can you possibly buy in this amount? Brilliant post Sir…

  2. Sahana Rao says:

    They cannot make reforms to make changes from the grass root levels. So, they change the definition of poverty. Simple. Now, they can highlight that point on the banners, placards during next election.
    This is just redefinition of poverty Sir. And I don’t think Advani is anymore in the race. It is extremely difficult for Modi.
    Rahul? Ahh.. I don’t want to talk about him. God save our country!

    • matheikal says:

      Very sad situation, Sahana, for our country. We need a leader. So sad for a country that’s poised to be a superpower!
      A rich country with poor people!
      Poor people who don’t understand what they stand for!

  3. nittinj says:

    leadership vacuum always existed in past 7-8 years, only thing is we are realizing now. I agree with you sir that politicians and corporate mafia is hell bent in ripping us off, perhaps because we gave them the permission to do so ! While Anna might have disappeared, I think team IAC is still working and they will reappear under Anna’s leadership soon.


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