Gods and Other Particles


I am a nondescript, microbial (add any other adjective you like to accentuate my diminutiveness) particle in the universe.  There are many God particles around me.  They gather all the “mass” around them.  They gather wealth, power, good accommodation, facilities… everything that a god can ‘amass’.  How can I complain?  The scientists have proved that it is the law of nature for god particles to amass all the “mass”.  I cannot work against the law of nature. 

God particle has been discovered.  Three cheers to science.   When the scientist was asked to explain God particle to the British government (the layperson, that is) in 1993 when Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister, the scientist (David Miller of University College, London) compared the God particle to Mrs Thatcher.  If Mrs Thatcher entered a room which had a crowd of political party workers, she would gather most of the people around her, while an anonymous person would move through the crowd unhindered, said Miller, the scientist.  Mrs Thatcher would gather a lot of “mass”, in other words.  The God particle is like Mrs Thatcher, it gathers the ‘masses.’  The politician is the god particle, that is.

In the world of practical affairs, the politician (in a broad meaning) is the god particle.  The politician decides the destiny of people.  God is the destiny maker.  In the olden days, it was the priest who was the destiny maker, the god particle.  The priest continues to be the god particle even today in some less ‘civilised’ places.  I have seen both the politician- god and the priest- god in my life.  I have suffered them both enough.  I can suffer them even more because I have suffered them enough.

Where is Peter Higgs in this picture, however?  Where is Satyendra Nath Bose?  The scientific name of the god particle is Higgs boson, boson coming from Bose.  Not even 10 percent of the people in the world would know of either of them, I’m quite sure.  In all probability, 90% of the Bengalis who are proud of the Bengali intelligence wouldn’t even have heard of Satyendra Nath Bose.  They might (only might) know of Rabindranath Tagore who wrote about God who cannot be found in the dark corner of a temple.  [I’m referring to Tagore’s poem in Gitanjali which begins with the line “Leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads!” whose spirit may not be understood by the vast majority of the people including those who celebrate Tagore in many ways.]

Tagore spoke of a god who can be discovered in the hearts of people at a time when Albert Einstein was speaking of the Theory of Relativity.  Today’s Einsteins tell us about the god particle.  The particle that gathers “mass” in order to create … [Why create at all if creation gives us the kind of creatures we usually see around?] 

Tagore’s god will not survive.  That god resided in the hearts of people.  Now god is a particle.  We are all particles.  That’s the advaita (non-dualism) that the Upanishads spoke of.

In the beginning was energy.  God particle created ‘objects’ out of that energy by acquiring elementary particles and thus acquiring “mass.”  Some particles will just pass through the world “unhindered” because they are too insignificant to acquire any “mass.”  I am content to be one such undistinguished particle.  The god particles occupy the offices of power and they determine the destiny of the lesser particles.  Higgs and Bose can pass “unhindered” before them!


[Note:  This is not a scientific view of the god particle. :)]



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19 Responses to Gods and Other Particles

  1. gardenerat60 says:

    I could only smile!

  2. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    There was no need for the note and smiley at the end … you have traversed a wide swathe with this one, quite connected up nicely all the terrains are … the massless photon (all massless particles have to travel at the speed of light, which is the limit speed of anything in the universe) is a huge player in the affairs of the universe … so, you may want to call it the Satan or the Serpent!

    God only knows how I have argued in favor of S N Bose vis-a-vis JC Bose, and much much before the recent “converts” to SNBism. Bengalis must be ashamed of their ignorance in this matter. It appears that only acknowledgement by the whites matter to them.

    By the way, after the Higgs (or something like the Higgs) has been found, the term “god particle” has literally vanished. God has gone underground! So much the better.


    • matheikal says:

      Raghuram, the smiley was a hands-up. There are too many people who don’t try to understand what is being said…

      … and I wrote this blog in order to smile. Something that happened at the main gate made me smile! (Dont bother about that; I now work in a corporate set-up.)

      You are right, I (the scientist) could as well have called the God particle the Serpent. You know very well that Nobel laureate Leon Lederman had actually called it the “goddamn particle”.

      For the rest, about the Boses, I’m sure I’ve made it clear enough in the blog already.

      Thank you for being there.

  3. Well he called it a God particle since he found it pretty elusive. If you actually find God that elusive –
    (a) you are not looking in the right direction, (b) the determination to find him is not strong enough.
    Ironically, that was exactly the case with the God particle too.

    • matheikal says:

      Sid, science is a system. The god particle remained elusive for decades and hence acquired that name. But that does not mean anything much, in fact. I think the god you are speaking about is outside the system of science and rationality. But how rational is human life? That’s a valid question. That’s a question that I would love to ask every human being.

  4. benny says:

    The inimical Tomichan need not have made the note at the end. You must allow your readers to know you. The note has only sullied their appetite. Note: I do not know the meanings of two words used in this comment.

    • matheikal says:

      Benny, I understand the meaning of the two words 🙂

      The note at the end was necessitated by my wife’s remark made before I posted the blog. She said, “X will take you to task for writing this.” Interestingly that X has made a positive comment. That’s the irony of life.

      I must add that the post itself was forced out of me by a political game played by the Security in-charge… who has played a game with the seniority list of the staff in his organisation. He has promoted his chamchas to the higher orders in the hierarchy in the security check book. That’s how the hierarchy changes! [I can’t say more about this except that I’m witnessing god particles even in the bloody security idiot.]

  5. That is a powerful satire! I stand thoroughly overtaken and convinced by it. Just wonderful.

  6. subhorup says:

    god, that was funny. the relevance of the god particle, however, comes from the not-god particles. the not-god particles are the ones that are making the world tick, and they are the ones who will make the changes that society needs. the god of tagore will survive since it is the only god that exists, and this awareness is growing. the god particles that think that they are the gods today cannot escape the consequences of their foolishness.

    • matheikal says:

      Tagore’s god is the only real god. Thanks Subhorup for that. The only place where god can exist is the human heart. I share your hope that people will continue to discover god in the right place.

  7. enidhi says:

    My life hasn’t changed before and after God particle was discovered. so do I need to worry?

    • You are not much different from the vast majority of people for whom the god particle has made no difference so far. It will make the difference when it is translated into technology. The electromagnetic force made no difference to most people until it became the phone, the electric bulb… !

  8. As always, enjoyed it!!

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