A Dream and a little more


An ideal human society is an impossibility.  Paraphrasing the Bible, one may say that wherever three or four persons are gathered there will be ‘politics’; that is, promotion of self-interests at the cost of others’ welfare. I’ve come across persons who undermine the good deeds performed by others merely to prevent the others from outshining them in the common field of their activity. 

Yet, we are all free to dream.  An ideal society emerges in my dream.  It is a society in which:

  1. every person relates to every other person with genuine concern;
  2. there are opportunities for all to transcend the self as well as nature by creating rather than destroying;
  3. every individual is an autonomous centre of power with his/her own convictions and ideals rather than creatures who merely conform to given truths and authorities.

The farther one’s dream is from reality the sharper one’s insanity is.  I’m aware of the height of insanity at which my dream floats.

And the insanity commands me to be happy.  In spite of the cruel reality beneath. 

Happiness is a choice.  It is an attitude.  An attitude is not a dream. 

Happiness is a decision.  A decision to keep the source of my life’s river unsullied even if the flow cannot be kept pure. 

A change of perspective, a bold step, a question to oneself – happiness is not too far from these.

What even if the ideal society is only a dream?


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11 Responses to A Dream and a little more

  1. Happiness is a decision, but the factors that influence that decision are not always internal. Often they are external. Also there are perhaps a lot of people in the world for whom happiness is a distant reality, a dream.
    Probably sir, when you have the power to treat happiness as a decision, you are powerful in the true sense.

    • matheikal says:

      Yes, Sid, only a person with a certain degree of ‘power’ can make happiness a decision. That’s how my dream has turned out to be true to some degree at least in spite of the world I’m inhabiting.

  2. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    “The farther one’s dream is from reality the sharper one’s insanity is. ” – NO. This has to be qualified – what if reality is insane? Then, dreams are the sanest.


  3. benny says:

    I just want to ask the two of you (If indeed I can) whether there is something called sanity. I find only certain sets of people who have a consistent filial rapport which glue them in a loose way together.I have raked my brain to its limit to find an individual who stands his own ground.

    • matheikal says:

      Benny, first of all, thanks for the visit after a pretty long time.

      As far as standing one’s own ground is concerned, I think only buffaloes and asses do that for a considerable duration of time. (Shall I add a smiley here?) Long, long ago Heraclitus said that you can’t step into the same river twice. In the 20th century the Existentialists made a neat philosophy out of that: there is nothing called a stable essence, we keep changing, growing, with the choices we make and we are forced to make choices by the world around us. (I’m putting it in my own way, forgive me if you get me wrong).

      What kind of consistency are you looking for? There’s the personality that’s more or less consistent. What else in an individual? Merely sticking to a rock (religion, political party, organisation, institution…) like a barnacle is not consistency, as far as I understand.

  4. Britul says:

    “Happiness is a choice … its a attitude” … rightly said. In Abraham Lincoln’s words ,, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

    • matheikal says:

      Britul, perhaps, one of the problems that will crop us with this argument (which I have also made, no doubt) is that there are some people (inevitably) whose blood carries the ‘political’ genes. They will challenge the best of your attitudes and strain them beyond a limit! Choosing happiness becomes a tough proposition, then. Yet there is little other choice!

  5. What divides the world is not the irrational, but the rational self interest. How do we stop rationalizing and living in this moment of unadulterated happiness?

    • matheikal says:

      I like your observation about the rational self-interest dividing the world. True as that is, “unadulterated happiness” is perhaps not possible in the world of human beings. Our happiness will always be tinged with some sorrow. To mention a cliche, happiness is not a destination, it is a journey.

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