A Requiem for the Earth


Dear Planet Earth,

We, the human beings, are observing today as yet another Environment Day.  We delude ourselves with such observances.  We pretend that such rituals as Environment Day or Earth Hour will perform some miracle and bring some purity back to you.  That’s what we are, big pretenders.  We do the same thing with our gods too.  We offer them bribes in the form of donations or prayers or whatever, instead of mending our criminal ways.  It’s easier to part with some of our money than to correct our mistakes.  This Environment Day too will pass…

We will keep throwing empty mineral water bottles, soft drink bottles, and other plastic in tonnes of kilograms into your beautiful hillsides and valleys, your streams and waysides.  We will continue to buy and use more and more private vehicles which will spume your atmosphere with toxic gases.  We will continue to spend a large portion of our national wealth (irrespective of our nationality) forging weapons of destruction in order to kill our perceived enemies and you eventually. 

We will sell more and more of your pristine forests to private players like miners, real estate mafia, SEZ developers, and so on so that our economic development statistics will bring us more votes in the next election.

We will continue to dig deeper into your viscera in search of drinking water while we will pollute all the water in the rivers and springs which we consider sacred and even worship.

But that’s just how we are.  We will worship, we will offer homage, we will pay lip service…

All glory to you on yet another Environment Day.   As we kill you slowly…


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4 Responses to A Requiem for the Earth

  1. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    As I read your last line Roberta Flack,s song “Killing me softly with his song …” came to my mind … perhaps I was listening to what the earth was singing.


  2. Sir, you should read the TOI today, Sunita Narain edited it.

  3. makpossible says:

    When will we realize the worth of planet earth sir? Ignorant souls.

    Will join a bunch of friends who trek with backpacks to clean the garbage in the forests.

  4. bhavanas11 says:

    A post that I would have expected from you! true and I am included in the mess creation–so hang my head in shame but promise to make at least a small change. I promise that.

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