Is this man a fraud or an idiot?

Anna Hazare says that he won’t contest the elections simply because Indians “vote for booze and money.” The Indian Express, Delhi edition, has given front page coverage to that statement of Hazare.

I am an Indian and I have never voted for booze or money.  I voted according to my conscience, as dictated by my political awareness,  l

Courtesy: The Hindu

Courtesy: The Hindu

ooking forward to no benefits other than what the society could have gained by my vote.  I think I should take Hazare to the court on a defamation charge.  Defamation of the Indian citizen.

But I won’t do it.  Because the Indian judiciary may take a bribe from Hazare’s followers and put me in prison (LOL, is that it?)

They will put me in Tihar Jail where I will meet many of Hazare’s friends or at least quite many political leaders like Bangaru Laxman (the latest addition to Tihar Jail).  (LOL, is that it?)

Is Tihar jail becoming a home to politicians?  Will prisons become similar to 7-star hotels in India?  We, the ordinary citizens of India, shouldn’t be surprised if they do.  When you become as old as Bangaru Laxman, it’s good to have the govt taking care of you in a 7-star prison.  There will be no family members to take care of such people who were frauds all through their life.  So, are the jails being converted into resorts for politicians?

Will I meet Anna Hazare in one such prison in future, I wonder, he arrested for fraudulence and me for questioning it?

That’s a doubt, not a statement.  Just a possible possibility.  A potential possibility aroused by Hazare’s statement that all Indians vote for booze and money.  A man who makes such generalised statements about a whole country of over a billion people should be a fraud or an idiot.  Who are the people that Hazare met in his life, the people who prompted him to make such statements?  Arvind Kejriwal?  Kiran Bedi?  The people of Ralegan Siddhi?  The thousands who supported his movement with candles in hands on Delhi’s corridors of power?  Who else?

Dear Mr Hazare, I would like to sue you on this one statement alone, on your statement that I as a voter am a drunkard and bribe-receiver.  I drink sometimes.  I buy that drink with my hard-earned money.  I drink in order to wash out the waste that frauds like you throw into my backyard on and off. An Aristotelian kind of purgation.  I have not accepted any bribe from anybody so far and I won’t ever.  And yet you call me, a voter, a mere boozer and thief.  What kind of a leader are you?  Are you a fraud or an idiot (like many, too many of our politicians)?


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13 Responses to Is this man a fraud or an idiot?

  1. magiceye says:

    both those adjectives are not mutually exclusive!

  2. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    “… he arrested for fraudulence”. I am on a roll, Matheikal. One more mistake I spotted! It should have been “… he arrested for flatulence” (LOL, is that it?) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I, to my eternal credit, spotted this flatulent fraud as early as when he emerged out of the Ralegaon Siddhi woodwork.


    • matheikal says:

      Yes, Raghuram. I know how you used to be critical of this man. I always longed for a good leader and I had nearly placed my trust in this man. Wisdom can come from anywhere, actually. But this man makes me think that wisdom is too rare…

  3. Pattu says:

    The entire projection of this person, and the supposed movement needs to answer people, for taking them for a ride.

    • matheikal says:

      Gardener, the problem is that this movement has no real vision except some selfish political motive. Such movements are condemned to fail. People will see through the mask sooner or later. In this case people have already seen through!

  4. makpossible says:

    He had raised lot of hopes among we Indians who were looking for a political change. Unfortunately he has turned out to one among the many dirty politicians sir.
    He has to be sued for his general statement.

    • matheikal says:

      Mak, such statements do a lot of disservice when made by a person of Hazare’s stature. It brings in despair, cynicism, etc. A leader’s job is to have a positive vision and lead people toward it.

  5. Sachin says:

    Sir, I think this man gone crazzy

  6. Pavan says:

    The game of politics will never be understood by crooked and never played by wise 🙂

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