Godmen are Fakemen


One of the first things I did after post-graduating in English Literature was to interview a Catholic priest in Kerala who performs a lot of miracles.  It was with much difficulty that I managed to get him for an interview.  He granted me an interview during his lunch which he took standing because he had no time to sit.  (And I had no lunch at all.)  The interview was published in a Shillong-based newspaper. 

The priest and his establishment claimed (and still claims) that miracles occurred frequently at their centre.  Tens of thousands of people gathered for the sake of miracles.  Some of them were even cured, as far as I could gather from the people.  Curing the sick through ‘miracles’ is not impossible.  Quite many illnesses originate in the mind and a public confession of forgiveness can cure illnesses. 

The Catholic Church always insists on guilt feelings and the need for forgiveness.  Psychology will take a long time to understand each client’s problem and solve it through the same solution of getting rid of negative feelings from the mind.  Religion can do it more easily and dramatically too.  Make a confession from the open stage and you become a hero.  The whole personality changes.  From being a criminal one suddenly becomes a saint.  This is the kind of healing that took place at the religious gathering I witnessed with thousands of people in the audience.  It’s a place which even got a railway stop for the sake of the faithful. 

One of my questions that the miracle-working priest could not answer was: “Can you create a limb in the place of a missing limb?  I’d like to bring a person who lost his leg in an accident.  Can you replace the leg?”  The priest staggered.  He said, “It’s up to the Holy Spirit what miracle should take place.  We have no history of such a miracle taking place.”

“Don’t you think the miracles are psychological rather than divine?”  I persisted.

“Psychology studies the mind.  The Holy Spirit works at the level of the soul,” he said.

The soul cannot create a missing leg.  The Holy Spirit cannot create a new leg.  The power of the Holy Spirit is confined – by what?

The Rationalist International has done a kind of sting operation on a godman in Delhi.  I welcome you to read its report: http://www.rationalistinternational.net/article/2012/20120308/en_2.html

I assure you, it’s worth reading.  At least, to know to what extent we are being hoodwinked by godmen who are fakemen.

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28 Responses to Godmen are Fakemen

  1. Prasad Np says:

    Interesting take on Godmen.. . i remembered a Big B movie in which he takes on so called god ment.

  2. You can ignore the first 2 comments – this is what I really want to say !!

    My first visit to your blog and truly loved it !!

  3. alka narula says:

    surprisingly they have a great following and and a great no of educated class , i am unable to understand why.

    • matheikal says:

      Religion holds a peculiar charm. It’s a good escapist measure most of the time. It’s also good to think there’s some almighty power out there that can heal you, can protect you, can solve all your problems…

  4. Vetrimagal says:

    Superb! Put in simple words, with profound meanings.

    Totally agree with you .

    But, lots of people have learnt not to go by the so called”healing” “miracles” etc. We are growing as younger generation is questioning.

    Continue your good work please.

  5. Sid says:

    Sir, Alison is very pretty … 😀

  6. avibration says:

    A very relevant issue to combat,
    Absolutely agreed the terms of reference,
    and equally consider as popular route of exploitation..
    Thanks to generate awareness.

  7. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    A nice read … yet, offers nothing much to feel optimistic … just too cynical perhaps. sorry.


  8. Well actually this reasoning is quite justified, religion can definitly create those remeditions easily. And well, did i ever thougth of this perspective, i quite liked it in fact can’t agree more!

  9. chirag says:

    that happens quite a lot in India
    most of the saints do this sort of thing
    i saw in last singhsth at ujjain a”chadi baba ” came and he cured the disease by hitting with his chadi.

  10. nittin says:

    people have been fooled for ages now by these god-damn man and women too btw. All these self proclaimed god folks have been centers of huge money laundering, stashing of black money and almost any and every illicit business one can imagine. Yet, we the people dont learn….perhaps we need few more centuries to clear all this mess..

  11. sudhagee says:

    It all boils down to belief, something very simple for the believer and totally abstract and incomprehensible for the non-believer. Godmen or Godwomen too as I find increasingly in today’s world are able to navigate this difference in belief and non-belief and are here to stay. Science, rational thinking, research — nothing can play a role here except a belief in hope for a miracle, a cure.

    • matheikal says:

      Religion has been converted into a good commercial enterprise by the godmen and godwomen. Otherwise, personally, I wouldn’t bother about religion and what people do with it, if religion was not misused so grossly. Terrorists are another deplorable category in this regard.

  12. benny says:

    To say that godmen are fake is o k.But to assume that God is fake (God forgive me) is not a wise thing, Your growing tendency to disown god in anything shows your growing cynicism. You need to disown most of your intellect to be clear of yourself.

    • matheikal says:

      Benny, if I disown my intellect I’ll be the most befuddled creature… God is a human construct, a delusion, a solace… anything but a reality. It’s not cynicism, it’s plain truth. How you want to delude/console yourself is your business. I accept the definitiveness of death beyond which there is nothing for the individual.

  13. That was a daring thing to do. And faking in the name of god is such an atrocity in India. They are usually targeted on the poor and the rich alike. But what surprises me is the amount of blind faith and devotion people hold that they will end up believing anything that is said by people such as these.
    Nice read!!

    • matheikal says:

      Neha, perhaps, what genuine followers of religion ought to do today is to de-commercialise religion altogether. Let religion have nothing to do with money, no offerings at all. Only worship. Then you’ll find many cults dying out. In fact, very few godmen and godwomen will exist if money is de-linked from religion absolutely.

  14. Vincent says:


    I am sorry I can not digest your article as you want to find the secret of healings as many things still in this World man can not conquer and hidden from him….I believe if you own Jesus Christ more closely through personal prayer and mediation or attend a charismatic retreat any where, read bible, wash away your sins* and do charity, pray for others around you, then you can own Holy Spirit from Jesus and then you can even heal a sick person too! I am healed from many evils after I knew Jesus closely.

    *There are five types of sin;
    1. Transgression (Disobedience to the LORD GOD’s Law)
    2. Unrighteousness (Unjust, immoral and wrong)
    3. Omission of known duty (Failing to do good works)
    4. Faithless (Failing to act on faithful conviction)
    5. Foolish acts (Wicked or reckless planning)

    • matheikal says:

      You are giving a new list of sins. My catechism taught me about 40-odd years ago that there are 7 cardinal sins and 7 not-so cardinal (bishop?) sins 🙂

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