Need, Want, Greed


Shah Ruk Khan inaugurating Immanuel Silks in Kochi

A relative of mine opened a shop a few years ago.  In fact, he shut down his jewellery and opened a bakery.  He shut down the jewellery for two reasons as far as I understand: (1) it was quite difficult to compete with jewelleries which bring in people like Shah Ruk Khan as their ambassadors, and (2) the small jewellers are always harassed by the police in Kerala.  My relative mentioned the second as the only reason for his switching from jewellery to bakery.  “A thief is caught stealing some jewellery items,” said my relative.  “The police catch him.  They take him around the city in their jeep asking him to identify the shop where he sold the stolen items.  The police stop their jeep in front of any jewellery shop whose owner has no reason to bribe the police.  The thief claims he sold the stolen items in that particular shop.  The police take away quite a few items from the shop.  All the onus of proving the innocence is on the shopkeeper.  And innocence can never be proved in the court of law as long as the thief sticks to his stand.  The thief’s word is preferred to the shopkeeper’s.”

My relative was taken to police custody on two occasions.  On the second occasion it was a theft case in a place 300 km away from his town.  My relative wondered how the police of that place managed to identify such an easy victim as him in a place so far away.  Later he learnt about the networking that exists among the police as well as between the thieves and the police.  Soon he converted his jewellery into a bakery.

He used to open his bakery on Sundays too though he was a practising Christian.  He had to repay the loan he had taken from the bank for the purpose of making it an elaborate bakery-cum-eatery, much larger in area than his jewellery.  He worked on Sundays for about two years.  Then he stopped opening his bakery on Sundays.  He didn’t need that extra money any more. 

How much does a person need?  How much does one want?  And how much can satisfy one?

That’s the difference between need, want and greed.

My relative enjoys cool rides in his car on Sundays now with his family. 



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17 Responses to Need, Want, Greed


    Excellent post sir !
    differences learnt 🙂
    But people has no need nowadays, i can say they have more greed than need !

  2. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    Perhaps suddenly he got Christian religious, to stop vending on Sunday! 🙂 🙂

  3. keerthana says:

    That guy has balls! Many of my relatives’d rather go bankrupt before changing their business..they r almost bankrupt, let me tell you that 😀

  4. S says:

    Matheikal Saar,

    I see that one of my comments got ‘censored’ .
    DO you have any comments on that?

    • matheikal says:

      Who are you? Every person who makes a comment at my blogspace has a name and a blogpsace. I know them through their writings. I know most of them personally too. Who are you? You just have an initial and nothing more. You ask foolish questions, as far as my brain is able to decipher you. Maybe, you are a Chanakya beyond my under-stand-ing. I’m not liable to answer you. You are not obliged to read my posts. Tell the readers who you are and what your interests are. For all my understanding, you are trying to hoodwink the readers.

      • S says:

        Matheikal Saar,

        “You ask foolish questions, as far as my brain is able to decipher you”

        Foolish or not, Did you do the right thing by ‘censoring’ them?

        This, when it was not the least abusive or hurtful?

        Think… & Judge for yourself.

        I think you got peeved because I ‘questioned’ some of your ‘cherished beliefs’ unsuitable for a ‘self-confessed’ atheist like you.


  5. Raja says:

    You identified three segments there – need, want and greed. Long ago, I had a similar classification: need satisfaction, comfort and luxury. And I thought I will just satisfy the basic needs in life and never even go for comfort, let alone luxury.
    Now all I can say is, philosophies change. Ideas evolve quicker than we think they can/should!

    • matheikal says:

      Raja, this was one of the lightest posts of mine. I gave an example, a real example from life -like they do in Chicken soup series. Just to make people think.

      I was not trying to preach anything really.

      • Raja says:

        I just wanted to say that, even though I had never thought it would be like this, but “the more one has, the more one ‘needs’” is the way I walked. And I justified it to myself by thinking, “philosophies change. Ideas evolve quicker than we think they can/should!”

  6. I think we should learn to draw a line between need, want and greed. But, I feel sad to know another hard hitting reality of our country…

  7. teamgsquare says:

    There is fraud in everything our police does . Such a shame .

  8. Jose D.Maliekal says:

    Dear Tomichan, I had seen the title and not read, this piece on Greed and Need. Good One, without being preachy. See you soon on your B’day.

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